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Squid Game Costume Collection - Jumpsuits, Accessories, Masks and more!

Gamify your getup with authentic, top-quality masks from the hit series "Squid Game!" These ornate face coverings are the key to a convincing costume.  Use these masks to complete your character and bring excitement with you to any destination.  Our masks are perfect for Halloween festivities, parties, conventions, and impromptu mischief!

The black symbol masks are all the same in shape, but workers have different shapes on their masks to signify rank. The Squid Game hierarchy for these workers gives those with square masks seniority over those with triangles and circles on their masks. Workers are not allowed to talk to their superiors unless first spoken to. The different shapes on Squid Game worker masks also help clarify the purpose served by each respective member. Workers with square shapes oversee the other workers and the players. The triangle shape masks are traditionally the protectors/enforcers and are armed with weapons, while the circle shape masks are grunt workers handling clean up and disposal of the dead players.

Although The Front Man's mask is also black like the Squid Game workers, his design is unique. Instead of having a symbol on a flat mask, The Front Man's mask is designed in a geometric art style. It has a nose, eyes, mouth, and other human facial features, although it doesn't show any sign of the person underneath. Like some of the other Squid Game masks, The Front Man's mask also slightly modifies his voice for further protection and anonymity.

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